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Welcome to

I am an author. 

My books are not the normal "run of the mill" literature.
I have written in a way that readers will be satisfied with direct
content that gets straight to the point.

I enjoy photography and creating digital art.
People who have my pictures in their  home have said, 
"power comes from them." See the photography link above.

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  I am pleased to anounce my first book Revealed At Last was published
 in August 2013.  I searched for answers to questions I had about life
 which are now revealed. My intention was to prove that
God did not exist, but the spirit world showed me things that proved that there 
is more around us than we realise. Revealed At Last is easy to read that adults
and teens have enjoyed it. The chapters contain subjects that  
can develop those needing answers about themselves and the "real" world. 
Readers have told me once they began reading they couldn't put it down.
One reader from the USA said it felt like the book was purifying their heart.

My second book I Left Church To Find God  gave me the opportunity
to put into words what I wanted to say without anyone
telling me what I could and could not say. 
It was a journey taken by the spirit world and I. It led me through
impossible situations and gave me wisdom along the way.
People who have left church due to not being told the truth
have found this book helpful. 
I Left Church To Find God
was published in November 2013.

My third released in May 2014, is the controversial book
Juanita Bynum What The Hell?
For more information click on the book above.

My fourth book, published June 2014, was written because my 
readers wanted to know more about me. 
Infinite Opportunities is an account of parts of my life that you 
may find shocking. There are situations that you may
never believe a person could go through and survive.
Click on the book for more information. 

My fifth book is a relationship guide for singles and people 
who are already married. In order to have a good relationship 
there are some basic things we need to remember. 
This Love Is Real made the publishing house staff
smile through each chapter as they proof 
read and prepared this book. If you want to restore your
relationship or if you are single, read this book so you 
can be ready to enjoy your life with the one you love.
There is also a song to accompany the book. Click on the links
below for some more goodies related to this book.


**It is recommend buying paperback book versions of the books
as electronic devices are useless in long periods of power outages**